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Teen Explorers [ 5 days 4 nights ]
  • Able to handle both success and failure.
  • Increased awareness of what each individual is capable of.
  • Able to take care of themselves to a greater degree.
  • Increased understanding of how their actions affect those around them.
  • Increased awareness of the environment and how their actions affect it.

These courses are designed to increase confidence and independence in participants while they experience time away from home, teaching them to take responsibility for themselves.

A caring, friendly and experienced instructor will guide and supervise participants in small groups of up to 12.

Initial sessions will include getting to know each other and ‘trust exercises’.

Participants will engage in activities which develop self-confidence, independence and responsibility for themselves, as well as an appreciation of the needs of others and the world around them. On returning home, they will feel proud of their achievements and the new skills they have learned.

  • If you’ve decided that this is the course for you, please note the name of the course / course code and the date from the table below and click next to start your journey!

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OB Community

Social Responsibility is a major focus at Outward Bound Hong Kong.

OBHK is involved in a number of charitable works, delivering on its mission statement...

featured course

15-Day Classic Outward Bound Course

To get the full Outward Bound experience there is no substitute for our classic long course.

Our Classic Outward Bound Course has been included in the list of CEF reimbursable programme.  Eligible applicants are reimbursed 80% of course fees on successful completion of a reimbursable course. Course will be held on 8-22 July, 2009.

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