4Kidz Leaders

We are seeking energetic and dynamic young people with pleasant and outgoing personalities to be our 4kidz leaders.

4 Kidz Leaders

With a role at Outward Bound, you'll be part of an amazing team that makes a positive impact on young children. You will be capable of bringing out valuable outdoor experience for both young children and yourself.

The main duty as a 4Kidz leader is to deliver quality 5-day programmes for kids aged 9-10 during  Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays. Major activities include hiking, water activities and camping in Tai Mong Tsai area.


Applicants need to be mature, organised, self-motivated and reasonability. Preference will be given to applicants who are 18 years old or above with qualifications & experience in first aid (Basic First Aid Course), life-saving (Bronze Medallion, preferably) , and Outward Bound courses. Experience in social work, education or training and development is also an advantage. All courses are 5-days long, and camp leaders are expected to attend the whole course.

Key criterium to become our 4Kidz Leader

  • To demonstrate passion for working with young children
  • The ability to work independently
  • Communicate well with other leaders
  • To demonstrate a high level of duty of care
  • Basic first aid knowledge should be compulsory