Charity & Partnership

The Outward Bound ethos shines through its courses with disadvantaged participants and those seeking to make a change in their lives. This is achieved through extensive partnerships with organisations across Hong Kong working with various underprivileged or disadvantaged people.

Helping people. Changing lives.

We embrace social responsibility by tailor-making courses developed to address needs through challenge, adventure and self-empowerment. The portfolio for Outward Bound's Community Based courses is diverse and it provides opportunity for a wide range of at-risk, special needs or economically disadvantaged youth. These community courses focus on helping participants improve their self-esteem, understand their impact on others, and strengthen their ability to recover from setbacks. Throughout the courses, they are able to picture mentally a positive vision of what they can aspire to be and understand how their actions influence other people. They are also able to face challenges head on and deal with situations in a more confident and resilient way.