The unprecedented pandemic has impacted our youth more than most, enforcing social isolation, creating uncertainty and stripping hope. We are working hard to ensure we can provide opportunities for our youth to rebound when it is over and improve their wellbeing, social connections and essential lifeskills. We are working to build a #StrongerHongKong.

Every year, over 2,000 youths, receive subsidies to attend our life-changing outdoor experiential learning journey. Every HK$5,000 will allow us to provide a 5-day experience for one young person to challenge themselves in an outdoor journey which will enable them to connect with nature, their peers and return better prepared for their future and ready to contribute to their community.

Following the Financial Secretary’s announcement of a fresh round of spending coupons with a total value of HK$10,000, we invite you to consider investing your government money to help us #FutureProofYOUth. For many recipients it will pay for an unexpected dinner or a new outfit. By sharing it with us, we can positively change the outlook of many more young people on your behalf.

The pandemic has been challenging, but it will end. Thank you for supporting us so that we can be ready to provide opportunities for our future generations. They need Outward Bound now more than ever.