Written by Gurong, age 20, Ethnic Minority course

My point of view about this course: 

  1. The opportunity to set the goal for life 
  2. The opportunity to achieve the spark of hope to change my nightmares to beautiful dreams 
  3. The opportunity to know more about myself – more than I used to know 
  4. The opportunity to clear up the toxic from body and soul 
  5. The opportunity to know my strength and my weakness 
  6. The opportunity to face myself with true force without fake mask I have been wearing 
  7. The opportunity to find the way to achieve my dreams which I have seen I could not succeed in the past 
  8. The opportunity to feel about life 
  9. The opportunity to manage and control of emotions 
  10. The opportunity to learn new things 
  11. The opportunity to learn on an outdoor setting – how to survive on island 
  12. The opportunity to enhance my time management and communication skills.  
  13. The opportunity to experience adventure, especially in such a beautiful Hong Kong 
  14. The opportunity to build up physical fitness The opportunity to limit of everything, such as showers and hot water 
  15. 16 The opportunity to learn how to be a detailed-mined person