A Quick Guide To Become An OBHK Instructor

Who is suitable to be an instructor? 

Outward Bound instructors come from all walks of life with a vast array of backgrounds, talent, and experience; they are traditional classroom educators, wilderness educators, outdoor enthusiasts, veterans and much more. They are folks who have sought out a work life that is inspiring, impactful, challenging and fun. Most importantly, they are the heart and soul of our organization. They inspire, serve, and lead. We look to hire staff who has a strong desire to inspire and develop one’s potential.  

Applicants who demonstrate professionalism, commitment, and interpersonal competence will be extremely successful. Outward Bound instructors are also flexible, humble and open-minded leaders. They seek out opportunities for growth, are able to give and receive feedback and demonstrate strong communication skills. They display proven and sound judgment in challenging circumstances but also the ability to learn from mistakes. Our community and culture is centered around humility, self-awareness, sense of humor and above all, compassion. 

Do I need to be incredibly physically fit to be an instructor? 

No. But you should have a good physical condition. Applicants must be sufficiently fit to participate in all the course activities for a given charter and maintain energy, strength, and focus to assist students with physical and emotional obstacles.

I don’t have any outdoor experience/ qualification, can I be an instructor at OBHK? 

Yes, it is not necessary to have any outdoor experience or qualification. We seek staff who are committed to education, have strong facilitation skills, and have a background teaching either in or out of the classroom. Applicants with previous experience in facilitating group dynamics is desired. Communication skills including active listening, giving and receiving feedback and clearly conveying expectations are important skills for instructors. Passion, confidence and humor are vital to the success of our staff.

What are the basic requirements to be an instructor? 

  • Applicant must be 21 years old or above
  • Good physical condition
  • Current First Aid and lifesaving certification (preferable)

What is an instructor work schedule like?

Unsurprisingly, the working hours in the outdoors compared to the office job is more flexible. An instructor needs to work long, irregular hours, including evenings, weekends, and public holidays. He/she will be physically demanding, and will usually involve being outside in all weather conditions, often in remote areas. Instructor will need to work in open countryside with natural features such as mountains, caves, rivers, or in urban-based outdoor education with facilities such as rope course and climbing walls. Having overall responsibility for the safety, discipline, and well-bring of participants throughout the journey can be stressful. Our instructors are resilient and have strong decision-making skills and the ability to stay calm in difficult, even dangerous situations. Due to the season nature, an instructor has an average of 8.5 days off per month and 30 days annual leave (including the public holiday).

What is the career path? 

Over the times, numerous careers and opportunities have evolved for those who have a great passion for the outdoors. You might start as an Instructor Trainee leading overnight trips by kayaking or hiking. With more experience, you might be promote to a training instructor. Or You might find yourself working as a Community Project Officer or Ketch Skipper, specializing in overseeing and planning the community courses or lead sailing journeys for a school or corporate courses and captain a ketch. Other than that you might become a programme coordinator, overseeing the achievement of learning outcomes from Outward Bound courses and providing frontline leadership to operational staff to ensure high standards are maintained.  

What is the difference being an instructor at OBHK compare with other activity training centers?

Other activity training centers  focus heavily on outdoor activities and hard skills. However, Outward Bound Hong Kong is committed to developing people through facilitated and challenging personal and group learning experiences in the outdoors. Therefore, the role of an Outward Bound instructor is important. Being an instructor, he/she needs to inspire and develop ones’ potential. 
There are 3 essential elements to be key to an Outward Bound course; Our process- we intentionally ensure that our participants learn about themselves while they are on course so that they can be better equipped for their life ‘back home’; Our places – courses take place in the outdoors and take participants to remote and beautiful locations they may not have visited before; Our people – we invest heavily in our staff to provide them with the best training and development to facilitate effective learning out of the experience.  

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