In recent months, the challenges faced by Hong Kong’s ethnic minority population has been highlighted by government and media. For those who also face the challenge of a specific learning need, life can be even more challenging – so OBHK has provided the opportunity for such students to discover their potential on a specially designed course. Over the summer months, around 30 students with specific learning needs from Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College and Caritas Tuen Mun Marden Foundation Secondary School joined Outward Bound programmes which were funded by the Kadoorie Charitable Foundation. The courses were specifically designed to cultivate resilience, self-esteem, and confidence. Every student completed a short course at our Tai Mong Tsai base and these characteristics are essential components in helping them succeed. 

The course is amazing and memorable. I learned to be patient, put down my own principles and how to care about the others at the right time. I am glad that I find myself relaxed in the nature from the busy real world.
Different skills needed to be overcome during the course, we all realised skills we had in different areas. We tried to push our limits and strive for the best! Thank you for sponsoring the wonderful course!