I cannot see well, but when I climb with my sweaty palms, I feel the breeze and the sunshine on my face. It is worthy.

I am visually impaired and can hardly see anything in my daily life. I longed for the sound of the nature – the chirping birds and the breezy wind. I hoped to go outside and feel the nature again, especially standing on the top of the mountain. I decided to join the Adaptive Journey course this spring. 

It was not often for me to ‘see’ a sunrise on top of the mountain. That early morning, I was woken up by my instructors. I saw this journey was my privilege as I could finally ‘gaze out’ at the sea and ‘witness’ the sunrise. Some of my teammates have hearing problems, some of them cannot walk properly and some of them have even worse eye-sight than mine. Though I cannot see clearly, I hear well, I smell well. I could hear the grass was crispy under my feet when I was slowing climbing up the mountain. I could smell the fresh and organic woods. I really appreciate Outward Bound that has offered this once in a lifetime course to me.  

Some said Outward Bound courses were tough. To me, the peace of the journey was soul soothing. 

 Mr. Lam, aged 55, Adaptive Journey participant