Written by Candy Yan

72 Students Spent Their Summer In The Outskirts Of Hong Kong

Have you ever thought about exploring Hong Kong's remote areas? 72 Secondary School students from different background participated in our 18 Days Classic Achievers programme from 24th July - 10th Aug recently. They spent the entire 18 days in the wilderness to complete the Hong Kong 360 expedition. They kayaked from Sai Kung through the wildest beaches and sea caves in the Eastern part of Hong Kong, they sailed around the urban area of Hong Kong Island then through the famous Victoria Harbour, and hiked the popular Maclehose trail from the Western Tsuen Wan all the way back to Sai Kung where they started their journey on the first day.

With 12 young people in a group, throughout the 18 days, they had no phone, no electricity and no communication with the outside world. Instead, they were given opportunities to focus on developing themselves through the challenges they faced on the way. On the last day, many came back with muscle pain, scars and tears. But when asked how they felt about their achievement...joy, fulfilment and satisfaction were the words that were frequently chosen to describe their personal journey. In the end, all participants went home with new friends, new memories, and a once in a lifetime experience.