I feel good and happy. I am thinking of new life and new things to learn when I back home.


The programme I joined was a 18-day Second Chance programme. I think Outward Bound is not just for fun. We are here to achieve our goals and to know our weakness.  

Day 14 was an unforgettable day throughout the 18-day journey. I suddenly realized something. I had come this far of this journey and there was nothing to be scared of in the future. As a good mountain climber never looks up to see how far he has gone instead he looks down to see how far he has come. This was the reason kept me to reach my goals and I did not want to give up after my journey even I was mentally and physically tired. I knew deep down in my heart I could do it. I believe I can do a lot that I can imagine. 

-Kermes, aged 21, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: Second Chance