As a registered charity and a leader in outdoor education, we focus heavily on courses for people with disabilities, allowing them to embark upon sea-kayak journeys. Outward Bound Hong Kong therefore designed “The Adaptive Journey”, a 7-day course which was fully funded by Operation Santa Claus, targeting people who are physically impaired and also those who want to connect more with them. 

Before the latest journey began, a workshop was organised to help participants prepare for the upcoming  challenges. Instructors started the day early by setting up all the gear and ensuring logistics were all set when the participants arrived. Instructors presented a welcome meeting with the participants and assisted the individuals to meet their groups and began to get to know their participants through personal paddler interviews. Once the teams had a clear idea of the Adaptive Workshop, they worked together to develop a strategy and built any requisite adaptations using the foam kits provided. It's always fun to watch how the teams evolve their thinking over the course of the morning. The group enjoyed an outdoor lunch and then packed up all of the equipment and headed to the pool. Instructors spent the remainder of the afternoon in the swimming pool leading the participants through an in-water safety progression and  a Level 1 skills course. By the end of the afternoon, everyone was exhausted and everyone's face hurt - from smiling so much! We hope that participants will be more confident and lead to a renewed commitment to helping others with physical impairments in the coming Adaptive Journeys!

Photo by Dynamic Paddlers