I believe I can do stuff now and not afraid to try. This really helps me to prepare my future career.

The course is tough and challenging but it is rewarding. Everything was new to me on the first day of the course. I was always staying in the indoors and was very excited to know that I was not going to sleep on a bed and get any hot showers! 

At first, I thought the biggest challenges at Outward Bound was polishing the hard skills. Never did I believe that it was handling my mental challenges. I did not have showers for days, I cooked for myself and my teammates for the first time in the wild, allocated all the resources and roles including the hiking routes and safety plans – all by myself.

The hard and soft skills that I have acquired in this journey prepare me to be a better person. I would not be this much of a confident person if I had not tried all the new things at Outward Bound course. I feel proud to be more self-responsible now.  

Aden, aged 16, Student Leader Programme participant