This is my second time joining Outward Bound course. It is irresistible. 

I was in the middle of nowhere. I felt lost when I knew I was about to graduate. The last time I joined Outward Bound course was in Form 5. The course was sponsored by Outward Bound Hong Kong. I still remember how the course has brought a big impact to me – to cheer me up, to find my true self, and to improve my engagement and performance in learning. 

The second time I joined an Outward Bound course was the transition period from high school to University. I lost my direction, I feared, and I did not know what to do next. I struggled with my confidence and with feelings of anxiety about the future. I think during periods of difficulty and change, social and emotional skills become particularly important to me. I could not learn these skills from schools but Outward Bound was a good ‘shelter’ for me to take a break.  

I really like the Solo part of the journey. It gave me the opportunity to relax on the grassy land and a precious quiet time to have a clear mind. When I went home from the course, I was more positive to handle difficulties ahead. Thank you Outward Bound!

Amy, aged 18, 5-day The Chinese University Courses participants