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【The Resilient Diary - Day 2 (Osaka - HK)】A Good Start of the Journey

Written by Jasmine on May 2

'Listen More Speak Less' Ps: Ka Sing shared with us a THICK daily calendar with quotes, this is today.

Being a media person was exciting for me!

I got myself my 1st GoPro since my 1st USA trip in freshman year.

I love documenting moments and capturing pieces of daily life. This mission woke me up earlier than usual, so I was already awakened at 0115.

0200 - It's not easy to do the filming at midnight but the red light gives a sense of mystery in the adventure.

0300 - The moon sets earlier than expected so the dawn has arrived soon after. We then welcome our 1st sunrise on the Spirit!!! Honored to be the 1st person to capture this special one!

0600 - During breakfast: My sight was following the thrown eggshells in the ocean and one promptly transformed into a FLYING fish!! It happened in less than a second and I can prove it with Maisy’s witness too!

0900 - Before my next watch. Dream home dream.

I had a dream that felt so realistic - I was on a bus with my baggage moving around my neighborhood (Fanling Yan Shing Court) I seldom dreamt about coming home in my lifetime but this time… I still remembered that 'unidentified' feeling of opening my eyes and realizing I am still on a boat. Neither bad nor good feeling, it was just how it was.

1100 - Racing Competition: Bryan’s team (me, Christy and Sing Sing) has announced to host the 1st Accurate Steering Game on Spirit JP-HK station!

The rule is simply counting the amount of time that each person can drive keeping the boat within a certain range of heading angle (ie. 180-200 degrees) It was an exciting game and the result was interesting too! I blamed the wave, so you could guess how well my sailing skill was.

I still can't believe less than 10 seconds is an option but maybe we just had some mental issue with the term racing.

Adapting to New Life on Sea: Thank God I did not encounter seasickness so far (unlike I vomited on the 1st day of the previous training)

I am well adapted to a 4-hour watch system - being able to grab deep sleep for 3 hours (1 hour pre-watch prep and post-watch journalling) and 4 hours mostly awake on deck!

My new routine:

  1. Journalling after EVERY watch (ensure the fresh memory being documented) + hand lotion + lipstick

  2. Daily cleaning (skincare and body cleaning) after the last watch of daytime (ie. 1400 post lunch)

  3. Daily supplement intake & teeth brushing after dinner (ie. 2200 off the deck)

Day 1 & Day 2 were definitely ideal days for sailing - sunny but not too hot, mild wind (strong enough to push us forward) dry (a little splash but not getting wet)

Thank god for setting up such a great start to the sailing journey!

Location Update on May 2

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