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【The Resilient Diary - Day 1 (Osaka - HK)】We are Coming Home🇭🇰

Written by Jacky on May 1

Hello all! Thank you for reading this blog and tracking our status on the sea.

This is Jacky, the first media person responsible for capturing all the funny moments and writing this blog.

I find it may be interesting to share with you my schedule for today…...

0730 - Wake up and brush my teeth 0745 - Eat my last ice cream to wrap up my Japan Trip

0800 - Use the yacht club toilet (to keep the cleanness of the boat toilet to the last minute XD)

0830 - Wait for Japan Immigration and Customs to do the departure procedure. Btw we expected a prolonged inspection but it turns out way too simple LOL. That enables us to depart earlier though.

0930 - Have a team photo and video (before we start the 2 weeks of no shower XD)

After a week of training and preparation (safety checks, rations preparation, and infinite paper works) we are finally READY to SAIL OFF!

1000 - We hoist the Japan flag, the Blue Peter Flag, and a flag bought from the Kumano Taisha Shrine (it looks really nice) to wish us all safe on the sea!

(music starts)

(I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home…)

Tell all our families and friends, we 14+1 are all in good shape and 120% ready to come home. We are gonna have each other's back and beat all the big waves.

Looking forward to seeing you in HOME Kong🇭🇰 (not a typo).

Location Update on May 1

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