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【The Resilient Diary - Day 10 (Osaka - HK)】We are Going Home

Updated: May 25, 2023

Written by Jasmine on May 10

Having an 8-hour sleep is luxurious while sailing, but that comes with a price.

I was on mother watch yesterday working hard in exchange for extra rest, today I became the media person.

Today was a dolphin day - We were welcomed by a group of dolphins at both 0600 and 1800.

With their company and dance, we were all excited to witness these beautiful creatures by God. That also signifies our steps closer to home.

We have sailed 1283 nautical miles and only 200 left to go!

Taking on the last milestone party, we all started reflecting on this journey prompted by Amelia our Skipper: What is my biggest takeaway/insight? What is the biggest challenge? Have I met my expectations? Will I join this expedition again?

I have been writing my own journal daily - I did it every off-watch time.

Resilience (aka AQ) remains the main theme for my learning, to proactively embrace challenges and be in love with them! They accelerate my growth dramatically and exponentially - in all aspects of intelligence, I am stimulated.

The 8th day was the most challenging - under the wind speed up to 27 knots and inclination of 40 degrees - we were pulling down the Yankee 1 sail (fighting against the wind force and gravity) and tidying it back into the sail locker.

Quote for today: a little greeting could make someone's day a better one morning! or goodnight.

Location Update on 10 May

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