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【The Resilient Diary - Day 11】The One-way Sailing to OSAKA🎶

Written by Sylvia on 29 March

It was the 11th day of the expedition, the day ME - Sylvia to be the media person - A good chance for me to chit-chat with the lovely girls onboard and find out more about them.

In this expedition, singing is one of our entertainments, and I have rewritten the lyrics of “One-way Ticket” to “Leg One Japan”, just at the beginning of the journey…

‘Leg one japan, leg one japan, leg one japan, leg one japan, leg one japan to the sea.

Spirit Outward Bound sails to Osaka,

with the fifteen girls, they have never known.

Got the one-way sailing Osaka’🎶

Another song “When will I See You Again, " was in my mind when May asked me if there were other songs.

It's nearly the end of the sailing expedition, I wonder whether we will see all again and share our precious moments after the expedition.

Location Update on 29 March

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