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【The Resilient Diary - Day 12】Counting Down to our Journey

Written by Rida & Shan on 31 March

Rida: Jemama and CinderRida are back in da house!

Back and stronger than ever this time, we woke up making scrambled egg wraps in a great mood, pretty sure our dear Skipper Amelia would like this meal. The 3rd time on the mother watch is the charm, I (Rida) had great hope thinking that I’d be nailing our last mother watch finally, unlike throwing up & crying like the 1st time.

We finished cleaning everything once by 8 a.m., sipping hot tea and feeling slightly guilty about the crew out there changing sails under the storm. ‘Turns out Mother Watch ain’t that bad’, so I thought.

Spoke too soon. Amelia's wonderful smile and acting skills almost made me believe that she enjoyed her breakfast while secretly feeding the wraps to the Pacific Ocean instead.

Guess what, Amelia Skipped her lunch too. Do you think the 3rd time’s the charm?

Nah, Amelia skipped dinner we made her as well! (Comment from Amelia: I did eat half of the breakfast and two other meals of my creation, well full today.)

I mean, I didn’t blame you, Amelia. I was hungry all day and I hadn’t eaten any of those meals, all I wanted to do was throw up. Not only that but thanks to Amelia’s hard, backbreaking, diligent work all day and night yesterday fixing the engine, she also spread oily fingerprints everywhere on the walls, which I had a great time cleaning up!

Shan: We had a peaceful night last without heavy labor on moving the sails (we tried to reframe it as ‘let’s party’ to boost our morale, suffering from dizziness in the sail locker while searching for a suitable weapon (the sail) to fight). Everyone now is an expert in moonwalking (imagine the boat tilting over 45 degrees and us trying not to crack our bones.)

Rida moonwalked for 20 seconds trying to stand still in one spot. We get used to dressing like a 5-7 layered onion whenever on watch; we are trained to open our mouths to store energy for the next round of the battlefield.

“Are we in World War III?” Asked dear Sylvia. It might sound like a silly question, but think twice, the ‘BANG BANG’ sounds from waves reached over 95 decibels at all times (according to my apple watch). The toilet windows and cabin windows became so fragile that the fresh sea water would shower us anytime; the 24/7 on-call mood since the forecasting of the unpredictable nature and the overthrowing of the toilet water kissing our pat pat.

OMG! All these things have triggered the original good mood Rida suddenly announced at 1730 today, “I declare that I want to go home.” Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a white flag/underwear to surrender from the natural enemy - the sea!

To be frank, I am excited about all these things that likely won’t happen in my life anymore. Seeing how we ladies go far beyond our possibilities and cope with all the challenges with the company and support from this all-female crew!

By the Standup Comedians due - Rida and Shan

Location Update on 31 March

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