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【The Resilient Diary - Day 13】What Challenges Meant to us?

Written by Rainbow on 1 April

On day 13, we have been through a lot of excitement and difficulties so far since our expedition. In face of the power of mother nature such as strong waves splashing on our faces or washing us from the deck, many of us felt small and weak.

In face of our own physical and mental exhaustion, some of us have felt sick especially during stormy weather a few days ago. This expedition we set off on is definitely not an easy one.

As from my last sharing about the meaning of challenges and what they meant to us, I interviewed my crew members for answers.

“Challenges are something you may not want to do at the moment but you still endeavor to complete the missions.” Indeed in the two weeks of experience, there have been a lot of moments that made me feel weak.

The encouragement from the crew members is one of the biggest motivations. During the night watches, the close connection with nature (stars, sound of waves, sensation of wind) was the enjoyable reward that could only be seen after experiencing these challenges on your own.

To those who are hesitating about the challenges ahead of them, the best is yet to come! xoxo

Location Update on 1 April

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