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【The Resilient Diary - Day 2】Sailed-off for 48 hours

Written on 20 Mar by Crew— April Yam

We have done 4 turns of watches, from day to night, night to day.

Photo taken on 7-days training

Most of us got a little bit seasick on board. Some vomited many times.

The wind went up to 28 knots making The Spirit tilt while sailing.(Similar magnitude to Typhoon Signal No.3)

Once we finished our watch, we grabbed every second to take a rest on bed and be ready for the next watch.

Photo taken on 7-days training

I used to get changed before sleep but I felt really unwell!

I neither brush my teeth nor wash my face before sleep. You could imagine how tired we were!

When focusing on sailing, we didn't care how we look anymore.

After going through the strong wind and rough sea, we were blessed by the sunshine today and everyone was getting used to the life on boat, YEAH!!

Here is a song created by one of our crew, Sylvia

(Original music - One Way Ticket)

“Leg one Japan x4 Spirit Outward Bound going Osaka x2 Woooooo Got the one way ticket to Japan Gonna have a trip they can not see… "

More creative lyrics to come, STAY TUNED <3

Location Update on 20 Mar

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