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【The Resilient Diary - Day 3】Cinderella on Boat

Written on 21 Mar by Crew Jemma

Rida and I were assigned first on "mother watch" duties which means we are the boat Cinderellas for the day.

This involves cooking every meal for all 15 of us and cleaning the whole boat … twice!

Seems easy I know but add a dash of seasickness, a drop of tiredness, and a mix of two very hot and sweaty gals not quite used to being below deck, and it was a recipe for disaster and a bloody real struggle to get through it.

But the light at the end of the tunnel was the full night’s sleep you get to have when you finish which is a nice break from the 4 hours on 4 hours off shifts we are otherwise doing.

Waking up on day 3 did have us feeling very fresh, unlike the tired crew that had been extremely active avoiding the many fishing boats and their nets.

The weatherman above has also been good today (must has realized everyone is still adjusting).

We have had blue skies, the sun shining, and light winds.

The highlight was a wee bird landing on board to accompany us for the afternoon watch.

Well I better be off, our Skipper Amelia has taken it upon herself to cook us all dinner (says a lot about what she thinks of our cooking) but it smells great and I am hungry.

This sailing malarky is hungry work I tell ya!

Weather of the day

We have had blue skies, the sun shining, and light winds.

Cons: The wind was not strong enough to sail the boat, slowing down the progress of the voyage.

Sometimes we needed to switch on the engine, which is not an ideal sailing condition.

Pros: The calm sea gave crew time to rest. The past two days have been spent in rough seas. Today was a good opportunity to refresh and prepare for the challenges of the next few days

Location update on 21 Mar

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Lesley Cameron
Lesley Cameron

Love this update from Jemma and the others - what an adventure they’re having. Can’t wait to see the next updates and sending lots of good wind and wishes x


Jahan Zaib Ali
Jahan Zaib Ali

Keeping glued to the daily updates!!

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