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【The Resilient Diary - Day 4 (Osaka - HK)】Days Without Signals

Written by Diana on May 4

Over 90% of people in the world is communicating virtually these days especially after COVID.

Even when we are gathering around physically, we still focus on our iPad or phone.

We seem to communicate better through social media because we can avoid showing the real feelings and speaking the truth.

We slowly build up the person we want to be on social media and live in it.

This offshore adventure proves to me the power of real communication - communicating face-to-face in the same physical space.

Being onboard with 15 of us for 25 days in a 67 foot boat, taking shift duties every 4 hours, there is nowhere to hide but talk to each other and sing with each other, especially because network coverage is zero as well.

I can see people slowly opening up talking about their personal life and feelings.

I can see people from not knowing how to express themselves to initiate a conversation.

I can see people who want to protect their life from any trouble or pain is knocking their own wall down.

Life becomes simple and direct again instead of decoding meanings through emojis. Life is full of laughters again.

The Spirit bring back our life, is like a chance to be reborn.

To choose the life we really want to live again. This opportunity is so rare and luxury. I appreciate every minute I have on the Spirit and I treasure every encounter I have on it.

Location update on May 4

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