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【The Resilient Diary - Day 5 (Osaka - HK)】What is the Meaning of Happiness?

Written by Ka Sing on May 5

Finally comes to Day 5 of sailing…...

It feels like it's been a month because this is the first day I feel 'normal' other than seasick.

4-hours watch on and off, every sleeping and eating time counts even at the moment you do not want to.

As if you don’t get enough sleep or food, the seasickness will be even worse, making no progress for the journey.

Before departure, I know the wave is coming to hit me anyway but every struggle is real and takes our personal courage to face them.

After getting through these struggles, you would know that happiness is not really having something, but not losing something.

Waking up without feeling dizzy, eating a full bowl of meal without vomiting, contributing to the team as a crew member……

Those are the little moments so far I have which I feel genuinely happy inside.

Happiness is simple but yet hard to achieve sometimes.

Updated from the briefing this afternoon: We are expecting a calm sea in the coming days but higher temperature, another challenge is coming and we are ready for it.

I hope the mother watch duty tomorrow will be fine. Days under deck is definitely my deepest fear.

Location update on May 5

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