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【The Resilient Diary - Day 6】Messages to Land

Written by Shan on 24 March

Sailing is just like our life journey. We must live in the moment.

Our dear friends, families, and readers, you may hope to see some dramatic stories in our daily blog. We must say, even simple actions on board would take us extravagant effort to respond to.

Remember the mainsail repair yesterday? There was about a 30cm rip on the mainsail. Originally we hoped to repair it within 2 hours and hoist it before sunset.

OMG! It took us more than 2 watches (total 8 hours) in the rough sea to sew it needle by needle and then hoist it at 0030 the next day.

We normally have the whole crew hoist the main sail. Yet this time, we only had 50% of the team joining the ‘hoisting party’. Physically it is truly tougher than ever, what we feel PROUD of is that we all bring contagious joy (instead of complaining) in taking this challenge.

You may be excited and worried like us when you are reading here. We had JUST attached the storm sails. OH, LORD! We are expecting a storm soon.

Like our dearest Skipper Amelia repeated,

'This is the challenge we hope to see. We can't imagine what will happen when the storm greets us but let's support each other while we are able to.'

Sending messages to land from us…...

RIDA - Alhumdulillah! Thank you for making me the person I am today, for supporting me unconditionally; for my crazy dreams.

APRIL - To my lovely mama and friends. I love you! See you in HK with my tanned skin.

ZOE - Hey family and friends, I’m alright with lots of snacks and drinks. Hope to see you guys soon - I do have enough sleep and great views so far. No worries.

CHOLE - To my lovely family, friends, and loved ones. I am being good, happy, and not getting sicker. Enjoy the journey so much and miss you all a lot. Let's wait for my arrival msg!! Love you all!

MAY - I am safe and healthy but sleepy. Can't wait to see you again. Miss you, Mum and Bros.

DOROTHY - To my loved ones and those who love me: ‘Thanks for letting me be whoever I wanna be and love the way I am. I’m grateful to have you in my life.’

MICHELLE - My teammates love snacks. Thank you for your support in spite of the doubts! It would be more challenging but we are still fine. Not running out of food and snacks. No worries (Mama, bro, friends, teammates, and colleagues)

RAINBOW - Hakuna Matata

JAIMIE - Hi friends and family! Sailing offshore is great! But not heat rashes and the heat of the boat. How’s June? Clean and good? See you in 1-2 weeks later, love you!

AMELIA - Thank you to my friends and family that watch me sail away so often, I will always support you to take your own challenge and lose sight of the shore! Nan, all my love.

RHIANNON - To my dear family and friends, we are having a great time en route to Japan, so far the weather has been warmer than expected, an unexpected positive. Hoping for some more wind soon. Can't wait to see you all when I return home. xx

Sylvia - S <3 S

JEMMA - Hope you have the champers ready for when I return!

YI - Everything is good! Very enjoy! Love sailing. Yeah XD so mama dad sister and friend no need to worry about me. I am very good!

SHAN - I praise the LORD to have you in my life, my dearest Doraemon. Can't wait to hug you soon!

Location update on 24 March

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Hi Shan: Can we send over Some O'Keeffe's Working Hands to protect the crew's hands and some Gorilla Tape for emergency repairs including rips to the sails? Realize it is impossible to get it onboard your voyage, but we can SF some to the outboard bound office for the team flying to Osaka for the voyage back. Email me on if we can help. All the Clearwater Bay Country Club Marina is following your incredible journey!


Jahan Zaib Ali
Jahan Zaib Ali
Mar 27, 2023

All the heart warming messages! Glad to hear the rip was sewn and hopefully it holds up. @Rida Alhamdolillah! Always!

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