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【The Resilient Diary - Day 6 (Osaka - HK)】Halfway to Go

Updated: May 8, 2023

Written by Fung on May 6

Today was the 6th day we have been sailing from Japan to Hong Kong and we are already halfway through!

Today's weather was warm and breezy. Everyone on the boat was enjoying the journey. We listen to music and feel the wind breeze on our faces.

It easy a beautiful day.

As we have limited water supply, some of us use seawater* to wash ourselves. Feeling great to be refreshed.

There was a seabird staying with us for almost the whole night at the top of the mast.

When our Skipper decided to check on it it just flew away finally. Bye bye bird~

I hope the sea state can be as decent as these days and we can all arrive in Hong Kong safely.

Looking forward to our halfway party tomorrow. Our dress code is ‘wet market’ 🤣.

Can't wait to see how every one dressed!

Ps. Thanks for your note, William. I almost cried when I read that, we miss you (no one is drinking coffee anymore lol) from Maisy

*Sailing 101: To cherish fresh water on the Spirit, we use water maker to filter the seawater for daily usage.

Location Update on 6 May

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