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【The Resilient Diary - Day 7 (Osaka - HK)】Embrace Every Challenge

Written by Christy on May 7

It's the 16th watch I walked onto the deck with the same view - sea, sky, sun/moon, the Spirit. 3 birds, 2 dead flying fish and 1 plastic rubbish box in a total of 6 days.

Sometimes I wonder if we will arrive on land or if we are the only people left in the universe.

The past few days, we’re lucky enough to have champagne sailing - most of the time having downwind and rather flat sea, sunny and starry.

Today onwards we are sailing upwind - wind and waves strike the boat really hard, leading to even bigger physical and mental challenges for everyone.

Sailing life expectation VS reality

EXPECTATION: wavy sea, rainy stuffy weather, strong mechanical sound from day to night, dizzy tired Christy with strong seasick.

REALITY: big waves giving everyone a warm shower, flat sea with different shades of blue, sunny days, starry nights, not-so-seasick Christy; a lot of snacking, singing 100+ songs, having too much energy that we compete who can hold our breath for the longest.

Before the journey, I reminded myself to have no expectations and embrace everything I will encounter. Obviously, from the 2 very seasick training experiences, I did expect and prepare for the worst scenario.

Still, I’m glad I wasn’t beaten up by my fear to give up, so I’m able to experience all the sweet and bitter moments.


Sailing life is simple - eat, sleep, on watch, and repeat.

That’s why we need a PARTY as an energy boost to celebrate the team hitting a major milestone - halfway through, halfway left (we’re coming home in a week or so!!)

Never have I imagined there could be a wet market created on the boat - we have butchers Maisy, Fung, Bryan and Sa, Egg Shops red lamp Rhi, Pork Chop Diana and Living fish Christy…... Try to imagine how we made use of the limited resources on the boat to dress up ourselves.

We also have a dedicated secret angel to express heartwarming love and care to each other. It was a lot of fun.

There is so much more I’d like to share with everyone but it's time to enjoy Mama Alice and Baba Fung’s curry rice dinner. We will definitely share more when we’re back from the journey, see you all soon.

xxxxx Christy

Location Update on 7 May

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