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【The Resilient Diary - Day 8】I am in love with Sailing!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Written by Yi on 26 March

Today is Day 8.

Being the media person, I asked our crew members to show their hands. We got different levels of injuries on the hands. The wounds represented our hard work of pulling ropes and hoisting the sail and also resilience.

The wind and waves became much stronger, so we needed to focus more on the changes in the weather.

Apart from the fierce weather, the real challenge is being resilient.

Some of us were getting exhausted or even sick, but we never made complaints and gave up. We kept supporting each other and maintaining our duties. I appreciate our team - a big thx to them <3 love you, guys.

Despite the hard work on Spirit, I love the life of sailing because there are things to explore, like dolphins, stars, the ocean, sunset, and sunrise. Also, I have built friendships with people, faced various challenges, grown up, and reconnected with nature. Most importantly, reconnected and listened to my heart. That’s why I am falling in love with sailing. (hahahahaha)

We got surprises when we completed halfway through the journey (yeah). We watched the encouraging videos recorded by our friends and families. When we were watching the videos, I can feel the sincerity, the soft and warm places in our hearts. I feel very lucky to be a media person because I could record every moment of the crew. I was touched too because I could feel the love between us.

Everyone is worthed to be loved.

Ps. Giving thanks to my family members to make a good video about my cat SASA. Thanks to my friends for writing letters to encourage me, I cried lol:

Car Car you are the best!

Cindy, you are so funny!

Heidi and Cheryl, thx so much tho you don’t know what exactly I am doing right now but still supporting me!

Cherry, I love the superwoman!

Uncle Peter, the photo of you surprised me hahahaha!

Little Cat, I understood the meaning of the drama script you gave me, I am very touched.

Location update on 26 March

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Jahan Zaib Ali
Jahan Zaib Ali
Mar 27, 2023

Half way there!!!

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