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【The Resilient Diary - Day 8 (Osaka - HK)】Possible for Zero Carbon Journey?

Written by Alice on May 8

The Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong has limited space for everything, from the number of people to the storage area.

Before the expedition, we had to pass the selection interview and the training in order to be one of the participants of 20IMPACT20.

On the Spirit, we have a limited amount of fresh water for daily usage, which inspired us to reflect on our resource consumption habits.

On day 2, our skipper, Amelia announced that we had consumed 4 days of water reserve already.

We brought our water consumption habit we used to have to the Spirit.

We used to wash the fruits and vegetables before eating.

However, that’s not the case for offshore sailing because we pre-washed everything before loading to conserve water on the boat.

We had to develop new habits on the Spirit and think wisely before we use any resources during the journey.

Can we develop new habits in the journey and apply them onward in daily life?

Without a change of habits and attitude, nature will be exploited with the increasing demand for resources.

We are part of this plant. Who authorizes us to consume as much as we want rather than consume when necessary in relevant amounts?

Climate change is a signal of overconsumption. We have to start thinking about our consumption habits and start to change from now on.

Would you jointly make a small step to reserve the resources from the earth?

Location Update on 8 May

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