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【The Resilient Diary - Day 9 (Osaka - HK)】Missing Home

Written by Chapman on May 9

It comes to the 9th day of the journey and I have started missing home already.

The body can't help on feeling uncomfortable with staying in a limited bed space for a week, while most of the time the floor is leaned towards the side and we need to endure the hot temperature indoors as well. Fresh air is like a gift.

At the same time, this journey is filled with color more than the dull one.

My teammates started to initiate conversation with me and learn sign language together, which means a lot to me that I am part of the team and not feeling bored during long days of the journey.

Also, it is a pleasure to watch flying fish jumping in and out of the sea and a group of sea birds trying to hunt them. The beauty of nature must only be seen to be felt.

Today we have just passed by the southern part of Taiwan. We are ready to come home and it feels like our journey has just begun.

Location Update on 9 May

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