Why Outward Bound?

Educational Framework

Participants arrive on an Outward Bound course with a huge range of prior personal experience and expectations, and each person takes away their own blend of learning and personal development. Our highly skilled staff focus on developing the components of the OBHK Educational Framework and our courses are designed to maximize learning in these areas:

Developing the Individual

As a result, participants will return to their home and school more able to:

• Cope with difficult situations more confidently
• Deal with setbacks and bounce back again when they occur
• Be conscious of their own abilities, strengths and strategies for development
• Be more in control of their own growth and development

Building Community

As a result, participants will:

• Become better contributors in group situations in school, university or
the workplace, allowing them to achieve more
• Be better able to read a situation and respond accordingly, adapting
their input to the needs of the group
• Value the opinions of others and find ways to accommodate multiple
• Understand the value of community and their role within it as a leader
or a contributor
• Develop practical leadership experience which directly translates to
real-world applications

Connecting With Nature

As a result, participants will:

• Be more conscious of their impact on the natural environment
• Recognise the intrinsic value of natural environments and the need to
conserve and protect them
• Be inspired to seek out opportunities in the future to spend time in
natural environment