Stephen Yau 故事


「自強不息, 服務社群」, 一向都是香港外展訓練學校同學會的理念。 今次有幸代表本會參加HK Vertical 1000,定當勇敢面對, 接受挑戰, 迎難克服。

透過OBHK 50 週年校慶舉辦的HK Vertical 1000高厦沿繩下降籌款活動,憑我歷年参賽斯巴達的經驗保證:我不怕, 去嘗試。 我願意, 去面對。我相信, 我做到。 我踏出,去挑戰。


Bright Future Charitable Foundation was established by Dr Roy Chung, aiming to support the educational development and related disciplines in different regions and aspects. The Foundation donates generously to various educational institutions, including Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, Vocational Training Council & etc. The Foundation also grants scholarships in the Mainland, and set up a Scholarship Scheme at the Warwick University, UK.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has granted different kinds of scholarships to students who are proactive in their learnings. To widen their horizon, the Foundation has sponsored students to travel to the South Pole, the North Pole and the Everest to explore and experience life. It also sponsors students to participant in the WorldSkills Competition and Outward Bound Training program.