I always receive first hand feedback from parents and companies, telling us how their children and employees have been benefited from our programmes. As a Marketing and Web Officer, the best part of my role is to capture the exciting moments of outdoor challenges and hearing stories from people after a programme. Stories can be incredibly moving with people from children, young people, developing graduates, emerging leaders to first line managers to tell me what they have done, what they have learnt, and how they plan to use them in future or in career.

Outward bound programmes are not summer camps or guided tours. We are a global organisation, leading the outdoor experiential education in the globe for a half century. Through programme elements and international processing of the experience, participants come away with an enduring understanding of their abilities and values. The transference of the wilderness experience to life at home, at school, or at the workplace becomes essential. The result for participants of all ages and all walks of life is renewed or discovered strength of character, leadership, and service.  

So what makes them to join Outward Bound programme?

1. For a fresh perspective

It is a very unique opportunity to meet and work with young people from diverse backgrounds and from all over the world

2. Time to have a change

One stays too long in his comfort zone feels less motivated and easily get bored of life. It is very hard to find something to break out of his comfort zone at the same time. However, attempting to try new things in our programmes help participants to find it easier to push their boundaries in the future and give an easier time dealing with new and unexpected changes   

3. To stand out

Participants leaves with a breadth of experience that they use to enrich a personal statement and set them aside from others

4. For a life-shaping adventure

An unforgettable summer experience in the wilderness to reveal their true potential

In the coming year, we will continue deliver our ambitious programme and give participants the chance to not only “collect those moments” but to leave with real impact about what they are capable of. Employers and universities would love to have people that are confident, resilient and ambitious and Outward Bound programmes offer the opportunity to demonstrate those key attitudes and behaviours in the most unique and memorable ways.