A letter to OBHK instructors, written by a 11-year-old participant who joined a 5-day Outward Bound programme.

Dear Nomusa and Vincent 

When I heard about camp, I was very nervous about the jetty, how the bed would be like, how much time we would have of the activities, who the guides would be, would I get a fish stuk up my nose, what time we would wake up and go to bed. It was also the first time without my parents for a week which made me even more nervous. 

Once we reached the campsite and met both of you, you showered us our dorms. We all felt more comfortable. Thank you for keeping us safe and encouraging us to do some challenging activities. Thank you for keeping me unscathed and for showing us how to do things and which places to go. Thank you for helping us for various different things on time. A big thank you for making our camp visit so special!  

I really enjoyed exploring the island and also looking at different plants and the history of island. I loved the part when we went on the boat to the island and back to Outward Bound. I felt good while working as a team and I realized that teamwork can get many difficult jobs done. It was fun looking at the animals on the island. My favoutire was when we saw the bars, I had never seen bats before. I will always remember this visit to the island and thanks to both of you making it very memorable.  

I also learnt many new things in this short one week with your help. I had never made a fire, it was a new experience for me and with your help. Now I know how to make a fire. Building a raft was another new challenging activity for me. Thank you for guiding us. The raft built was very strong to take all of us. It was so exciting to know and learn how to act when wild animals are around you so we can be safe.  

The jetty jump was the most memorable because I had never done before and I was really scared at first. But after I did it successfully the first time around, I wanted to do it all over again. Thank you your guidance in taking the fear out of me for jetty jumping and making the whole experience very rewardable.  

This is one of the best camps I have ever had. I had a lot of fun.