As a charity and a leader in outdoor education, we focus heavily on courses for people with disability, especially helping them embark on sea-kayak journeys. On 22nd June, instructors started the day early by setting up their build space and ensuring logistics were all set the participants arrived. Instructors gave a welcome meeting with the participants with introductions and assisted the teams to meet their groups and began to get to know their participants through personal paddler interviews.

Once the teams have a clear idea of Adaptive Workshop, they worked together to develop a strategy and built any requisite adaptations using the foam kits provided. It's always fun to watch how the teams evolve their thinking over the course of the morning.

The whole team enjoyed a rationed lunched and then packed up all of the equipment and headed to the pool. Instructor teams spend the balance of the afternoon in the pool taking the participants through an in-water safety progression and led them through an L1 skills course. By the end of the afternoon, everyone is exhausted and everyone's faces hurt - from smiling so much!

Photo by Dynamic Paddlers