Written by Jake Taylor 

Educator and Facilitator in Outward Bound Hong Kong- Outdoor Experiential Learning 

Jake Taylor is a true adventure kayaker. He has been working with Outward Bound Hong Kong for 1.5 years and has also been involved with the American Canoe Association for 5 years. To become familiar with the sea conditions, channels, winds, and caves, Jake involves kayaking in various locations around the world. 

Collaboration between Outward Bound Hong Kong and Monash University led to the creation of the International Sea Kayaking Educators Symposium (ISKES), which was hosted at OBHK's remote island base of Wong Wan Chau from 30th November to 4th December 2015. The purpose of this innovative symposium was to bring outdoor adventure educators from around the world who value both the sea and sea kayaking for its unique and powerful learning potential. Below is an article written by Jake and published on PADDLE by American Canoe Association

This short film is from two different days out sea kayaking in Port Shelter near Sai Kung.