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Meet Clara Chan, the Face of Courage! 

Clara from Lee Kee Group will take up a huge challenge on Nov 25 - to abseil from 1000ft at the iconic One Island East.

HK Vertical 1000 is not just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, but also the chance to fundraise for a local charity - Outward Bound Hong Kong and its work to #FutureProofYOUth.

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Listen to her story:

每⼀個⼈的⽣命裡,總有⼀些挑戰叫⼈卻步、總有⼀些嘗試需要較⼤的膽量。 ⽽HK Vertical 1000 這個非常突破的挑戰,連作出決定的⼀刻都需要極⼤勇氣。  


此時此刻,每當我想到踏上千呎⾼樓、向外踏出那勇氣步的⼀刻, 我的⼼跳也會隨著加快! 甚⾄我都會問⾃⼰:究竟是什麼驅使我接受挑戰,由離地1000呎沿繩下降到地⾯?  


我有⼀位游繩經驗豐富的朋友跟我分享說:「不⽤怕,也不⽤想太多!你將會非常享受過 程中的每個時刻,最重要的只是拿出勇氣踏出第⼀步。You can do it!」  


雖然我深信這說話 - 講比做容易,但無論如何,我都決定會勇敢踏出第⼀步,然後⽤⼼完成每⼀步。相信1000呎下的沿途風光會讓我發現⾃⼰更多的潛能。  




Every Dollar Counts

Donate to support Clara and Outward Bound

Helps 2 groups of 12 ethnic minority youth joining an expedition on a 67 feet yacht for a week, empowering them with leadership skills and enhance confidence (1).png

Leave a comment to support Clara!

Established in 1947, Lee Kee Group has been providing premium quality metals and alloys, including zinc, aluminium, nickel, copper, stainless steel, and electroplating chemicals.


The Group’s businesses span professional consultancy, research and development of metals material, as well as quality testing and certifications and joined the ranks of renowned international metal enterprise by becoming the first company in Greater China to be admitted as a Category 5 Associate Trade Member of London Metal Exchange (LME).


Promet Metals Testing Laboratory Limited, a member of Lee Kee Group, is an approved LME Listed Sampler and Assayer (LSA) for pure zinc, aluminium, and aluminium alloys. 


Research shows every $1 returned $13 social benefits

Every year, over 2500 participants received subsidies to participate in Outward Bound courses. Participants report a significant increase in resilience, compassion, self-confidence, and environmental responsibility. 

Your donation allows Outward Bound Hong Kong to provide life-changing experiences to Hong Kong youth and enables disadvantaged young people to re-imagine themselves and their future, contributing to a stronger Hong Kong.

​感謝以下所有贊助商支持 #裝備青年未來

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