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Meet Jason CHOU from CHUBB, the Face of Courage! 

On Nov 24, he will take up a huge challenge - to abseil from 1000ft at the iconic One Island East.

HK Vertical 1000 is not just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, but also the chance to fundraise for a local charity - Outward Bound Hong Kong and its work to #FutureProofYOUth.

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Listen to his story:

To me, life has always been an adventure – one that’s worth sharing with the people you love most.  
As I’ve scaled the peaks of Mount Fuji and Yushan, sky dived in Sydney, bungee jumped in Macao and problem-solved my way through a blindfolded Rubik’s Cube challenge for the Guinness World Records, my friends have always been by my side. Through every challenge, they’ve cheered me on and pushed me to become a better version of myself.  
2023 HK Vertical 1000 will definitely be another inspiring and exciting challenge worth to achieve, at the same time a meaningful event to support Outward Bound with its mission to enable our youth to discovering and developing their potential, caring themselves, others, and the world through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings, as well as in this ever-changing and ever-evolving era. 
Whenever I face a new challenge, I remind myself that I’ll come out of it more fearless than before. My beloved friends, please support me in taking up this challenge, donating to Outward Bound and empowering our youth in Hong Kong. 

Research shows every $1 returned $13 social benefits

Every year, over 2500 participants received subsidies to participate in Outward Bound courses. Participants report a significant increase in resilience, compassion, self-confidence, and environmental responsibility. 

Your donation allows Outward Bound Hong Kong to provide life-changing experiences to Hong Kong youth and enables disadvantaged young people to re-imagine themselves and their future, contributing to a stronger Hong Kong.

Every Dollar Counts

Donate to support Jason and Outward Bound

Helps 2 groups of 12 ethnic minority youth joining an expedition on a 67 feet yacht for a week, empowering them with leadership skills and enhance confidence (1).png

​感謝以下所有贊助商支持 #裝備青年未來


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