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   Adventure Race   

   Annual Race in March   

Challenge Yourself & #FutureProofYOUth 

Adventure Race is our annual fundraising event. The aim of this race is to provide an opportunity for people in Hong Kong to challenge themselves physically and mentally, as well as to develop their teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills.


Each year, we aim to raise 1 million HKD to help with our work to #FutureProofYOUth in Hong Kong by creating opportunities and subsidizing underprivileged youth to participant in Outward Bound courses.

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Time & Venue





Category &


March, 2024


1. Elite route – approx. 20 km

2. Challenge route – approx. 14 km

On and Off-trail running, kayaking, swimming, orienteering, plus various unexpected challenges

1. In a team of 4

2. Able to swim at least 300 meters
*Life jacket provided by OBHK is required during all water sessions 



1. Capacity: 80 teams (All categories); First-come-first-served.

2. Teams will be categorised according to the average age and gender of participants.

3. Teams have to collect the race pack on the Race day. Race pack includes number bib, race top, souvenir...etc.

4. Outward Bound will e-mail the notice of the online pre-race briefing to team captains 2 weeks before the race day.

5. This is an endurance event that will take teams approximately 3 – 6 hours to complete.

6. Participants who cannot arrive at the designated checkpoints within the specified time limits will not be allowed to continue the race for safety reason.

7. Family and friends of participants are welcome to cheer on for the participants at the Finish Point.

8. Attractive prizes will be presented to winners of various categories.

9. More details will be available at the online pre-race briefing.

   Thank you to all our sponsors    

Our sincere thanks to all sponsors for their contributions to making
the Outward Bound Adventure Race 2020 possible.

Main Sponsor


Venue Sponsor


Logistic Sponsor


螢幕截圖 2022-11-29 16.42.16.png
螢幕截圖 2022-11-29 16.42.16.png

     Organizing Committee

Outward Bound Adventure Race Organising Committee 2020


  • Mr Peter Clarke

Committee Members

  • Mr Helmuth Hennig

  • Mr Nick Cotton 

  • Mr David Gething 

  • Mr Jon Sparks

  • Mr Don Taylor

  • Mr Richard Winter

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