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The Outward Bound ethos shines through its funded programs that seek to help disadvantaged participants make positive changes in their lives. OBHK runs fully and partially funded programs together with our community partners to create the greatest impact possible and build a stronger Hong Kong. 


In the Community

Watch now to see  OUR IMPACT 

Special Thanks to Our Community Partners:
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螢幕截圖 2022-11-29 16.50.27.png
螢幕截圖 2022-11-29 16.50.27.png
Outward Bound Hong Kong has been granted funding from the Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation (Main Fund) for 2022-2023 to support its purchases of sports/ recreational equipment under Non-Capital Works Projects. 

Resilient Individuals. Stronger Communities.

Our tailor-made funded programs provide opportunities for a wide range of at-risk, special needs, and economically disadvantaged youth and adults. We focus on helping them to improve their self-esteem, understand the impact on others, and strengthen their ability to recover from setbacks through challenges, adventure in nature, and self-empowerment. 

Throughout the program, they are able to picture a positive vision of what they can aspire to be. 


In the past 50 years, OBHK programs have brought a tremendous impact on over 300,000 youth in Hong Kong. More importantly, our impact does not stop there.   Watch NOW to see how a group of Zheng Sheng students shared what they have learned at OBHK with a group of new friends on Adaptive Open Day.  

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Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are full-time trainers, facilitators, and safety monitors who are all dedicated to transforming lives.

Outward Bound employs over 60 full-time staff, making it the largest outdoor experiential training provider in Hong Kong.

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Why Outward Bound Hong Kong?

We are a member of Outward Bound Schools Global Network

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We were 1st in Asia accredited Outdoor Experiential Education Organisation. 
93% of participants reported improvement in compassion, resilience and self responsibility after an Outward Bound journey. 

We are the largest outdoor instructor training school in Hong Kong.


Interested in
an impact

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Get in touch about our community programs
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Did you also know...?

Safety Ratio?

 High Staff to
Participants (1:12) Ratio

Our safety ratio for all groups of all ages is 12 participants maximum with 1 professional instructor per group at all times.

During water or technical activities, an additional specilist staff will be added to support and rise the safety ratio to 2:12. 

Am I skilful

Previous experience is
NOT necessary!

You don't need to know how to swim, hike, or camp!

We will teach you everything to survive in the wilderness.

Just enjoy! 

More than
one time?

Each journey is unique,
and everyone is encouraged to participate Outward Bound
more than once,
even with the same course! 

Every journey will vary based on different factors, i.e. weather, participants' mix.

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