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Hong Kong Youth since 1970

means generations that can build a #StrongerHongKong. 


means ensuring that our future generations are feeling good and functioning well and therefore can take care of their own physical and mental well-being and face challenges with confidence. 


means making future generations that can take care of one another, recognize and appreciate differences and work together to achieve common goals. 


means providing youth with the skills and work ethic that allow them to contribute and adapt to a changing workplace and make Hong Kong's economy competitive. 

Why Outward Bound Hong Kong?

We are a member of Outward Bound Schools Global Network

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We were 1st in Asia accredited Outdoor Experiential Education Organisation. 
93% of participants reported improvement in compassion, resilience and self responsibility after an Outward Bound journey. 

We are the largest outdoor instructor training school in Hong Kong.


Why Outdoor Experiential Learning?

   Did you know...?   

of land in Hong Kong has been designated as country parks and there are some incredible and inspiring landscapes. They provide the best classroom for our high-impact courses. 


What we do

Educational Framework

We focus on developing the elements of our Educational Framework so that participants can transfer their development back to their daily lives and contribute fully. 

   Developing Individuals                                                           




   Building Community                                                                




   Connecting with Nature                                                         

Appreciation & Understanding


Sense of Place



Our job is to manage the risks so that participants remain focused on their own journey of discovery. We have developed systems and procedures which allow them to do just that. 

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As part of the global Outward Bound network, we have expertise across international organisations. We are reviewed every two years by a team from OBI who checks that our safety policies, practices, and procedures are robust and being enacted in reality.

Outward Bound Hong Kong has been compliant with over 235 international safety standards and became the first officially accredited outdoor experiential education organisation in Asia since 2011.

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External Safety Committee

Since 1994 Outward Bound has convened an external Safety Committee made up of relevant professionals such as doctors, teachers, industrialists, and barristers. The committee symbolizes the board and management's dedication to best industry practices, attention to risk management, and a strong belief in the value of independent safety perspectives.

Essential Components 

  Our People   

highly trained staff who can facilitate learning in the outdoor environment

  Our Process  

an intentional learning process based on research and proven to be effective

  Our Place      

delivery in inspirational natural environments that provide challenge 

How we do it

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