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Welcome to 
Outward Bound
Hong Kong

Outward Bound Hong Kong is a leading outdoor experiential education provider in Hong Kong and a registered charity since 1970.
We future-proof youth through
outdoor experiential education
to build a stronger Hong Kong.

Our mission is to enable youth to discover and develop their potential to care for themselves, others, and the world through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings. 


Hong Kong Youth since 1970

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A Stronger
Hong Kong

Why Outward Bound Hong Kong?

As part of the Outward Bound International network - represented in 35 countries – OBHK have access to expertise across the globe, which informs and develops ours and OBI’s ‘good practice’ philosophy.

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Outward Bound Hong Kong have been accredited by AEE since 2011.

AEE is an international organisation that reviews and accredits Outdoor Educational Organisations who meet their international standards. The standards – over 250 of them – look at all areas of operation to ensure the viability of the organisation.

We are the largest outdoor instructor training school in Hong Kong.

Our Instructors

They are full-time trainers, facilitators, and safety monitors who are all dedicated to transforming lives.

Outward Bound employs over 60 full-time staff, making it the largest outdoor experiential training provider in Hong Kong.


  OBHK Team  

Our Natural Classrooms

Relevant, Important Updates


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The Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong

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