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The Resilient Individuals are home

Updated on May 11, 2023

Osaka Expedition
sailed-off on Mar 19

When and Where are they sailing to?

What's the Spirit of Outward Bound HK?


Highlight of Media Day

Highlight of Departure Day


Thank you to our title sponsor, The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, who make this expedition possible! 


20 resilient individuals are getting on to the largest training yacht in Hong Kong- the Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong, and begin their expedition to discover and develop their potential to care for themselves, others, and the world around them through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings.

The impact doesn't end there. Each participant was selected based on their ability to impact a disadvantaged community in  Hong Kong. Together, they will be bringing positive impacts to 20 disadvantaged communities on their return. 

They are going to Osaka, Japan!

Leg 1: From Hong Kong to Osaka 

7 days training in Feb 2023 & 25 days expedition in March

Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong will sail to Japan for the first time with an entirely female team – both selected participants and experienced crew. This leg will be a tough upwind sail to Japan in decreasing air temperatures, presenting physical and mental challenges, requiring true resilience and team spirit. 

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Leg 2: From Osaka to Hong Kong 

7 days training in Mar 2023 & 25 days expedition in April
Following some time in sharing the expedition’s achievements and conducting essential re-supply and maintenance, Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong will return to Hong Kong, with a mixed-gender crew from Hong Kong; a homecoming expedition. This leg will not be a straight line; between testing currents and the seasonal change of wind direction to the southwest, the team will have to pick their route carefully and demonstrate great flexibility to adapt to the constantly changing conditions.

The Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong is an ocean racing yacht, designed to sail in the toughest conditions in the world, that has served Outward Bound Hong Kong for over 18 years. Sailing the Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong is a physical activity. Nothing is lightweight and every maneuver requires a coordinated team, but its weight brings the opportunity for participants to take full control of the yacht and ensures each individual discovers their own strengths during the expedition.

Built: 1991
Length: 20m
Construction: Mild Steel
Sail Area: 441m2
Weight: 42 tons
Average Speed: 7 knots

Daily Update

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News & Daily update of the Expedition

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20 Resilient Individuals

Leg 1: From Hong Kong to Osaka 


Leg 2: From Osaka to Hong Kong 

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