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Following the success of the first-ever Hong Kong high building abseil in 2017, Outward Bound Hong Kong is delighted to announce that this uplifting fundraising event is back again on 24-25 November 2023 at the tallest building in the eastern area of Hong Kong Island - One Island East, Taikoo Place.


The technical coordination and management for the event will once again be provided by the world-leading highly experienced team - 6 professional mountain guides from the UK led by the Event Technical Director, Iain Peter.


The event is strictly limited to 40 people and we expect the ropes to sell out fast. You don't need any experience in mountaineering or abseiling as training will be required and provided before the event.


Money raised from the event will support and provide opportunities to underprivileged youth for courses at Outward Bound Hong Kong. Outward Bound Hong Kong (OBHK) is a registered charity since 1970. OBHK #FutureProofed over 300,000 youth through #OutdoorExperientialEducation to build a stronger Hong Kong.

Do I need abseiling experience?

NOT AT ALL. All training will be provided before the event. The initial moment when you lean backward out over a 1,000-ft drop will be the most challenging part. After that, it’s all downhill so to speak, and should be a very enjoyable experience with lots of time to admire the view.


What will the training cover?

The training will familiarise you with all the equipment used and will include a preparatory abseil on a climbing wall. More importantly, the training allows you to get to know the team of professional mountain guides who will be looking after you on the day and to build your confidence in the entire process. This will help ensure your enjoyment and success on the big day! In 2017, everyone commented on how confident they felt about tackling the main descent on One Island East. after the training.


Do I need a medical certificate?

We will ask you to provide a doctor’s letter certifying that there is no medical history or reason why you should not do the descent in advance of the event. We will provide further details once you are provisionally confirmed for the event.

Apart from the initial $50,000 registration fee, can I further fundraise to support Outward Bound?

DEFINITELY A BIG YES! Our team will arrange an individual visit to see how we can support you in fundraising. For example, an engagement session in your office/ community to introduce Outward Bound Hong Kong and share your upcoming courageous and charitable act. We will work together!


Has Outward Bound organized abseiling event before?

Yes – twice in London and once in Hong Kong. The London descent took place in The Shard for Outward Bound Trust in UK, while the Hong Kong one was held n One Island East in 2017 .


Is the event weather-sensitive?

The weather will be monitored constantly. In case of strong wind, the event might be on hold for a duration of time. Participants will still be standby in One Island East according to their call time. Iain Peter, Event Technical Director will have the final call on the decision. In the event that weather causes delays, we will continue until dusk and if necessary, continue again from early on Sunday morning. Therefore you should plan to keep Sunday free as well to allow for any delay in the program.

No experience of mountaineering or abseiling is necessary
as training will be provided prior to the event so why not contact us now?
Contact Outward Bound Fundraising Office for more information.

Thank you for making this event happen!

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