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     Outward Bound for #AllAges    

Every Outward Bound programme uses adventure in wild outdoor environments to expose participants to new and challenging experiences, #FutureProofing them with essential life skills to meet challenges head-on! 

2024 Apr-Aug courses are opened for enrolment now!


to Build a #StrongerHK

Watch now to see  OUR IMPACT 

Discovery Course

5 Days 4 Nights

Almost reaching the age of adolescence, this programme creates opportunities for participants to spread their wings for the first time.

This 5 days 4 nights journey aims to

  • Develop teenagers' eager curiosity to turn every stone and about their surroundings

  • Build a habit to share a sense of adventure with peers

  • Provide opportunities to foster new relations

  • Rely on their own resourcefulness

  • Strengthen their ability to care for themselves and others

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Course Length                
Class Size                        
Expedition Style


Start/ End Time     



5 Days 4 nights

12 participants per group 
Age 9-11
Wildcamping/ in dormitories

Overnight camp based in dormitories and 1 night of wildcamping, depending on weather
All meals included (self-cook / dine in / packed meals) 
09:00 (Day 1) / 15:30 (Day 5) 

$5,750 per person

Eligible for Working Family and Student Financial Assistance

CLICK HERE for Subsidy Form 




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Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are full-time trainers, facilitators, and safety monitors who are all dedicated to transforming lives.

Outward Bound employs over 80 full-time staff, making it the largest outdoor experiential training provider in Hong Kong.

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Our Classrooms in Nature

Relevant, Important Updates


Tai Mong Tsai

 Ah Kung Wan

Wong Wan Chau

The Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong

Why Outward Bound Hong Kong?

As part of the Outward Bound International network - represented in 35 countries – OBHK have access to expertise across the globe, which informs and develops ours and OBI’s ‘good practice’ philosophy.

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Outward Bound Hong Kong have been accredited by AEE since 2011.

AEE is an international organisation that reviews and accredits Outdoor Educational Organisations who meet their international standards. The standards – over 250 of them – look at all areas of operation to ensure the viability of the organisation.

We are the largest outdoor instructor training school in Hong Kong.

Did you also know...?

Do I have the right skills?

Previous experience is
NOT necessary!

You don't need to know how to swim, hike, or camp!

We will teach you everything to survive in the wilderness.

Just enjoy! 

More than
one time?

Each journey is unique,
and everyone is encouraged to participate Outward Bound more than once, even with the same course! 

Every journey will vary based on different factors, i.e. weather, participants' mix.

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