Written by Candy Yan

Three high schools students, Cyrus, Micko and Marco, took Outward Bound’s Challenges in this summer! The 18 Days Classic Achievers Programme that they took part in had totally enriched their summer and LIFE. 

Their first challenge is to DISCONNECT with the internet.  Life without electronic gadgets doesn’t mean your life becomes miserable. Cyrus, Micko and Marco did not have their electronic gadgets in hand throughout the 18 days journey. They did not miss anything but gain a lot of valuable and different experience in nature. 

Challenging outdoor experiences like 18-day Classic Achievers Programme promote the development of communication, problem solving, and decision making skills which have currency across a range of occupations. Our programme encourages young people a positive "opting in' and "can do" attitude. Their horizons are broadened, new challenges come to be relished rather than shunned, and perseverance and determination are reinforced. Values and attitudes developed in a context of shared endeavour help to form a sound basis for responsible citizenship.