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Our Impact

Our young people are our future. We have a responsibility to ensure that they are adequately prepared for their future.

The benefits of providing quality outdoor experiential education are well known and every Hong Kong youth deserves to benefit so that they can be part of Hong Kong's successful future. A recent report showed that
every $1 invested in an Outward Bound experience returned $13 in social benefits during the participants' lifetime. 

The Importance of Outward Bound
Greater than ever

The turbulence of 2019’s social unrest followed by the uncertainties of the pandemic has significantly impacted Hong Kong youth's education, social development as well as physical health, and mental health. It is vital that we consciously create opportunities for our young people to re-connect with each other, develop the essential skills that will be required to contribute to society and the economy and create the foundations for a successful and harmonious Hong Kong.

The #FutureProof YOUth Hong Kong Research shows that both parents and youth agreed that opportunities to develop skills such as problem-solving, self-management, and teamwork are lacking in traditional education settings. On the other hand, Outward Bound Hong Kong's participants are able to look towards their future with increased confidence and capacity to positively influence those around them.

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