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Meet Jemma Daley, the Face of Courage! 

Supported by Bright Future Charitable Foundation,
she will take up a huge challenge on Nov 25 - to abseil from 1000ft at the iconic One Island East.

HK Vertical 1000 is not just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, but also the chance to fundraise for a local charity - Outward Bound Hong Kong and its work to #FutureProofYOUth.

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Listen to her story:

Every challenge we take up in life requires us to take that first step, whether it be work, sports, relationships, or just simply starting a new hobby.  


Earlier this year, I participated in an exciting challenge - an offshore sailing expedition from Hong Kong to Japan. This extraordinary journey involved 15 women sailing non-stop for 15 days and was the first all-female expedition from Hong Kong. This expedition was organized by Outward Bound Hong Kong, a charity dedicated to empowering the youth of Hong Kong through challenging experiences in unfamiliar environments.  


Outward Bound approached me with another challenge thereafter, this time closer to home – They asked me to abseil down the side of a 1,000 ft. skyscraper to raise awareness and funds for the charity’s longstanding mission.  

Like any normal human being, my initial reaction was a resounding “HELL NO!”. I’m terrified of heights… But then if I don’t take this first step – when would I ever be able to get another chance to abseil down a skyscraper in Hong Kong?  


Looking back, taking that first step has shaped my life in incredible ways, from landing my first job abroad in Ibiza, making my way across Europe, to taking my first trip to Hong Kong, falling in love with this beautiful city that has thrived through thick and thin, and to landing myself in the career that I am in now as a financial advisor; I would have never gotten a chance to learn how to sail, and I would absolutely not have gotten a chance to take on this abseiling challenge.  


It all begins with that first step, and we just need that chance to take it.  


This abseiling challenge is my first step (literally down a skyscraper on the outside) to furthering Outward Bound’s mission to opening new doors for young individuals in our city who don’t have the privilege of taking their own first step. There are children and young people in Hong Kong who don't have the privilege of taking their own first step due to lack of self-confidence caused by disabilities, challenging upbringings, or personal circumstances.  

The work of Outward Bound is so important to me, because they take these individuals under their wing, involves them in outdoor courses, and builds their confidence so that they can take that crucial first step into the world.  


We all know the life-changing impact of taking that first step and how different our own lives would be if we hadn't had the opportunity.  


Please take the time to think about your first steps – what steps did you take that impacted your own life, and in turn, lead you to where you are now? Let’s give that chance to the young children in Hong Kong with this challenge set by Outward Bound.  


Do check out Outward Bound’s social media channels, as it will provide you with valuable insights into their work and give you the opportunity to get involved in their incredible courses and challenges. Your support and participation in their activities can make a significant difference in the lives of those they serve. 

Every Dollar Counts

Donate to support Jemma and Outward Bound

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Bright Future Charitable Foundation was established by Dr Roy Chung, aiming to support the educational development and related disciplines in different regions and aspects. The Foundation donates generously to various educational institutions, including Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Vocational Training Council & etc. The Foundation also grants scholarships in the Mainland, and set up a Scholarship Scheme at the Warwick University, UK. 


Since its establishment, the Foundation has granted different kinds of scholarships to students who are proactive in their learning. To widen their horizon, the Foundation has sponsored students to travel to the South Pole, the North Pole and the Everest to explore and experience life. It also sponsors students to participate in the WorldSkills Competition and Outward Bound Training program. 

Research shows every $1 returned $13 social benefits

Every year, over 2500 participants received subsidies to participate in Outward Bound courses. Participants report a significant increase in resilience, compassion, self-confidence, and environmental responsibility. 

Your donation allows Outward Bound Hong Kong to provide life-changing experiences to Hong Kong youth and enables disadvantaged young people to re-imagine themselves and their future, contributing to a stronger Hong Kong.

Thank you for making this event happen!

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