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Meet Pak Hung Cheung, the Face of Courage! 

On Nov 24, he will take up a huge challenge - to abseil from 1000ft at the iconic One Island East.

HK Vertical 1000 is not just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, but also the chance to fundraise for a local charity - Outward Bound Hong Kong and its work to #FutureProofYOUth.

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Listen to his story:

This experience offers unique and memorable experiences that can be cherished for a lifetime. The thrill and sense of accomplishment associated with these activities can create lasting memories and stories to share with others which I am very passionate about. If I can do this while fundraising for a good cause, it’d give me a bigger sense of achievement! 

Research shows every $1 returned $13 social benefits

Every year, over 2500 participants received subsidies to participate in Outward Bound courses. Participants report a significant increase in resilience, compassion, self-confidence, and environmental responsibility. 

Your donation allows Outward Bound Hong Kong to provide life-changing experiences to Hong Kong youth and enables disadvantaged young people to re-imagine themselves and their future, contributing to a stronger Hong Kong.

Every Dollar Counts

Donate to support Pak Hung and Outward Bound

Helps 2 groups of 12 ethnic minority youth joining an expedition on a 67 feet yacht for a week, empowering them with leadership skills and enhance confidence (1).png

Thank you for making this event happen!

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