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Clearwater Bay Outward Bound Hong Kong
Qingdao Expedition





This is the second year that Outward Bound Hong Kong, together with our Title Sponsor - Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club, is organising #20IMPACT20 - Outward Bound's biggest sea challenge for maximum impact.

Last year, 20 resilient individuals were future-proofed through a sailing expedition to Japan and applied their learnings to impact 20 underprivileged communities, delivering over 600 hours of service to over 800 beneficiaries.

This year we are taking the challenge to new heights by sailing to and from Qingdao, China's Olympic sailing hub


20 resilient youth will board the largest training yacht in Hong Kong - the Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong - to begin their offshore sailing expedition to/from Qingdao. They will be future-proofed for the future with resilience, confidence, compassion, teamwork and environmental responsibility.

Upon their return, they will work as teams to apply the lessons learned and positively impact a total of 20 Underprivileged Youth Communities, developing their future skills, promoting social inclusion and cultivating a deep sense of well-being.

Thank you to our title sponsor, The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, who makes this expedition possible!

With their generous support, the sailing expedition will be fully funded for all selected participants.

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Information Day

We highly encourage all interested applicants, schools and community representatives to meet our team and understand #20IMAPCT20.

Date: 2024 June 19 (Wed)

Time: 7-9pm

Venue: Room 202, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Application for #20IMPACT20

Application starts now until Jul 15. Grab the chance for the once-a-lifetime experience to challenge yourself whilst impacting the community. It will require 30 minutes for fill in the application and medical form.

#20IMPACT20 Learning Journey


Sailing Expedition

Each leg of 10 Resilient Youth will undergo 7 days of training, followed by a 20 days offshore expedition with 24/7 sailing and team shift rotation.




The Resilient Youth will carefully reflect on and distill the key learnings gained from the sailing expedition.

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Community Impact

Each leg will work as a team to bring poistive impact to the community. Altogether 20 Underprivileged Youth Communities will be benefited.

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We are heading to/ from Qingdao, China's Sailing Hub!

It will be a 20 days challenging and intense sailing journey for both legs, experiencing heavy traffic through the fishing fleet in cold weather down to 2°C with wind chill.

Leg 1: From Hong Kong to Qingdao

10 Resilient Youth will sail north into strong headwinds and waves. Initially, they'll have time to settle in before weaving their way north through the Chinese fishing fleet. The crew will need teamwork and personal resilience to endure these physically demanding conditions and reach Qingdao successfully.


Leg 2: From Qingdao to Hong Kong

Another 10 Resilient Youth will bring The Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong home. With the wind at their backs, they will need a high level of concentration. The journey will start with heavy traffic and obstacles, requiring quick decision-making and adaptability. The crew will need to be detail-oriented to handle the tough and changing conditions.

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The Spirit of Outward Bound Hong Kong is an ocean racing yacht, designed to sail in the toughest conditions in the world, that has served OBHK for over 18 years. Sailing is a physical activity. Nothing is lightweight and every maneuver requires a coordinated team, but its weight brings the opportunity for participants to take full control of the yacht and ensures each individual discovers their own strengths during the expedition.

Built: 1991
Length: 20m
Construction: Mild Steel
Sail Area: 441m2
Weight: 42 tons
Average Speed: 7 knots


20 Resilient Youth will IMPACT 20 Underprivileged Youth Communities discover their potential, foster future skills, and enhance well-being and social inclusion.


How to IMPACT?

Storytelling Sessions: Share experiences and learnings from the sailing expedition to inspire youth to step out of their comfort zones

Interactive Workshops: Conduct workshops to teach both hard and soft skills, acquiring #FutureSkills.​ For example, use creative, land-based activities to simulate the sailing experience and focus on soft skills 

Resilient Youth will come up with many more creative and impactful means to contribute!

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How to conduct the Impact Projects?
Each leg will work as a team, each team will impact 10 communities. From identifying the communities, analyzing their needs, arranging the project content to executing, the Resilient Youth will each utilize their strength to contribute to the team.

Example of our past Impact Project:

As a ethnic minority mixed artist, 2023 #20IMPACT20 Participant Rida shared her sailing journey with a group of ethnic minority youth to inspire them to explore more possibilities in life, and invited them to co-create a mural painting together. Through the workshop, the youth did not only get a chance to know more about possibilities in life, but also explore a new skillset – painting a mural wall.

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  • Age range: 18-35 years old

  • Open to youth from all social, economic, cultural, and physical backgrounds

  • Ability to travel independently

  • Basic English proficiency

  • Willingness to take on challenges

  • Strong team player skills

  • Commitment to create an effective community and a stronger Hong Kong

  • Commitment to active involvement throughout the program, inclusive of expedition and impact projects



All listed dates (except Information Day) are mandatory for all participants to attend. Meanwhile, a few more media and celebratory events will be communicated upon selection. We understand this may require some coordination, but we're confident this experience will be well worth the commitment.

Information Day

Meet us in person for answer your enquiries - our Skipper, Alumni and Project Team will be there to introduce #20IMPACT20

2024 Jun 19 7-9pm


We will notify applicants 3 weeks prior to the pre-selection/selection weekends.

Pre-selection: 2024 Aug 31- Sep 1

Selection: 2024 Sep 8-9


This includes hands-on instruction and practice in essential sailing skills and safety measures.

Leg 1:

2024 Sep 27-29, Oct 17-20


Leg 2:

2024 Oct 11-14, Nov 26-28

Sailing Expedition

The offshore sailing journey will take around 25 days, depending on weather and wind direction.

Leg 1:

2024 Oct 28 - Nov 18


Leg 2:

2024 Nov 29 - Dec 20

Impact Projects

The 2 legs each work as a team to implement impact projects - from digesting own learning, planning, execution to reporting.

2025 Jan - Jun


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"This program is significant not only for me as an individual but also for the broader community it impacts. I wouldn't have expected myself to be other's role model before this experience."

Maisy Poon, 2023 #20IMPACT20 Participant




About Sailing Expedition

Q1. Can I join if I have no experience in sailing? A1. Absolutely! No prior sailing experience is required. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn a brand new skill and challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone. With the professional training provided, you will be able to pick up sailing techniques and confidently take on this adventure.

Q2. Can I join if I do not know how to swim? A2. Yes, you can still participate even if you cannot swim. We have comprehensive safety measures in place, including life jackets and rescue procedures. While we do not provide swimming lessons as part of the expedition, there is no requirement for swimming during the expedition, basic sea survival and self rescue will be taught.

Q3. How physically demanding is the sailing expedition? A3. The sailing expedition does involve a high level of physical activity and endurance. However, no prior extreme fitness is required. Training and support provided will help you build up the necessary stamina and skills. Applicants should have a willingness to push their boundaries and achieve more than you thought possible. Last year, 15 female crew members successfully completed the journey, and we had physically disabled participant. Physical ability is not a major concern here - the focus is on personal growth and overcoming challenges together as a team.

Q4. Do I need to have prior experience in outdoor adventures? A4. Not at all! This expedition is designed to be accessible for participants of all backgrounds. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a complete beginner, the expedition will guide you through the necessary preparation and training. It's a chance to step out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in a thrilling new environment. Your sense of adventure and willingness to learn are the most important qualities.

Q5. What kind of accommodations can I expect during the expedition? A5. The accommodation onboard Spirit is basic but safe. You will be staying onboard the boat for the training and expedition, the cabins are 4 person cabins with bunk beds, shared sleeping quarters and communal living spaces. You will need to adapt to the new sleeping environment and challenging living environment while out at sea. Rest assured, your safety will be top priority during the journey.

Q6. Can I communicate with my family/friends during the expedition? A6. During the sailing trip, there will be no ability to communicate with the outside world. This is will allow you to fully focus on the expedition experience without distractions. This digital detox will enable you to be present in the moment, deepen your bonds with your expedition team, and come back with a renewed perspective on what truly matters.

Q7. How will I stay healthy during the expedition? A7. The staff onboard have a high level of medical training and your health will be monitored closely during the expedition. Pre-existing medical conditions can be accommodated with early disclosure at the application stage. All meals will be provided during the expedition and cooked by you and the other participants! Dietary requirements and allergies can be easily accommodated as long as they are disclosed at the application stage.


About Impact Projects

Q1. What do I need to do for the impact projects? A1. You will translate the learnings and insights gained from the sailing expedition into tangible community impact projects. This will have to include sailing expedition sharing and workshops designed based on your team’s skillset. You can apply your own expertise and work together with your team to plan and execute initiatives that positively impact underprivileged youth. The overall objective is to leverage your experiences to create sustainable, community-driven projects that make a tangible difference in the lives of underprivileged youth. This hands-on, participatory approach will deepen your understanding of social impact work and allow you to contribute in a truly impactful way.

Q2. Will Outward Bound support the impact projects? A2. Outward Bound will work closely with you to set milestones and monitor the progress of your projects. However, the specific planning and execution will be driven by you and your team. This not only hones your leadership and teamwork skills, but also allows you to truly feel the impact you create for the community. We will be here to support you every step of the way, helping you break through your limitations and generate greater value for the society.

Q3. Can I choose the focus area for the impact projects? A3. Absolutely! We encourage you and your team to discuss and identify social or environmental challenges that you are passionate about addressing, with a focus on supporting underprivileged youth communities. The impact projects are designed to be driven by your own interests and expertise.

Q4. How can I involve my community in the projects? A4. We strongly encourage you to actively engage with your local community in the planning and implementation of your impact projects. This not only ensures that your initiatives are tailored to the community's needs, but also fosters a sense of ownership and collaboration. You may seek input from community members, collaborate with local organizations, or even recruit volunteers to participate in your projects. By involving the community, you'll create a stronger, more sustainable impact that resonates with the people you aim to serve.

Q5. What happens after we complete the impact projects? A5. The journey doesn't end when the projects are completed. At that point, it's up to you and your team to continue the initiatives at your own pace and in your own way. We encourage you to find opportunities to share your experiences, lessons learned, and best practices with your local community and beyond. The goal is for you to take ownership of sustaining and scaling your projects, whether through securing funding, building partnerships, or seeking additional support. Our aim is to empower you as agents of positive change, and the choice of how to continue your impact is ultimately in your hands.

Q6. How can I stay involved after the program? A6. At Outward Bound, we believe in supporting our participants beyond the duration of the program. We offer various opportunities for you to stay engaged, such as joining our alumni network, serving as a mentor for future participants, or contributing to the design and delivery of our programs. Additionally, we encourage you to share your experiences and inspire others to embark on their own transformative journeys. By staying connected with Outward Bound, you'll have access to a supportive community, resources, and avenues to continue making a positive difference in the world.

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